Created in 1936, the law firm Frôté & Partner SA has from its outset acquired importance in Biel/Bienne because of its activity in all areas of law, its bilingualism, its catchment area in the cantons of Bern, Neuchâtel and Solothurn as well as its rapidly developing network of contacts.

Composed today of a team of about thirty people including about twenty lawyers (attorneys, notaries, tax expert), Frôté & Partner SA operates at a local, regional and international level.

Frôté & Partner SA has grown in particular through the opening of new offices, in addition to its office in Biel/Bienne, in Neuchâtel in 2000 and then in Solothurn in 2009. Moreover, it was one of the first law firms in Switzerland, in 2008, to be constituted as a company limited by shares. It has also been able to create a solid network of relations, particularly in domains such as intellectual property or business economics and more particularly in the areas of administrative services with the company F&P Services SA and financial management with the company Schoeb Frôté SA.

The size of the law firm, its multilingualism as well as its network of partners and relations allow it to have a great flexibility in the treatment of mandates.

Rigorous in terms of ethics, Frôté & Partner SA values the fact of being independent of any economic, political or social group. This independence, as well as the absolute discretion associated with professional secrecy, represent decisive advantages.

Lawyers & Notaries

Imhof Michael

Frôté & Partner SA
Tel +41 32 321 30 37
Fax +41 32 323 18 79

Mr. Michael Imhof is active in litigation, in particular in civil, public and criminal law.

  • Admission to the bar of the Canton of Bern, 2014
  • Master in Business Law, Neuchâtel University 2011
  • Bachelor of Law, Neuchâtel University, 2009
  • Attorney-at-Law Frôté & Partner since 2014
  • Bern administrative Court
  • Bern supreme Court
  • ANB-Law
  • Bienne court
  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Business law
  • Tax law
  • Contract law
  • Enforcement and bankruptcy law
  • Family law
  • Construction law
  • Criminal law
  • Member of the Bern Bar association
  • Member of the Swiss Bar association