SINCE 1936

A wide network of partners developed over the years and an expertise based on more than 80 years of support for industrial and exporting SMEs in the Jura region.

Quality, independence and flexibility are our guiding principles since 1936.

Rigorous in terms of ethics, Frôté & Partner SA values the fact of being independent of any economic, political or social group.


Founded in 1936, Frôté & Partner SA has grown in particular through its activity in all areas of law, its bilingualism, its network and the opening of new offices, in addition to its office in Biel/Bienne, in Neuchâtel in 2000 and then in Solothurn in 2009. Today, it is composed of a team of about thirty people including about twenty lawyers (attorneys, notaries, tax expert). Operating in major areas of law practice, Frôté & Partner SA has developed over decades a significant expertise in support for SMEs. This evolution enables us to provide high-quality services in the following areas :

  • Global legal support for SMEs
  • Contract Law, in particular Tenancy Law, Labour Law and mandate
  • Inheritance Law
  • Consolidation, Bankruptcy, Restructuration
  • Conducting judicial proceedings relative to commercial disputes
  • International Projects, in particular Corporate and Contract Law
  • Arbitration

These services proposed by Frôté & Partner SA are intended to small or large companies active at a regional or international level and in some cases to natural persons. They are offered in French, German, English and Italian.

For more information regarding our service offer, please refer to the sections below.

Family Law (marriage contract, divorce)
  • Litigation in the event of separation or divorce, protecting your interests
Inheritance Law
  • Litigation in inheritance law, analysis and advices (will, inheritance contract)
  • Succession planning
Landed Property Law and others Rights in rem (servitudes)
  • Buying and selling real estate, mortgage certificates
  • Litigation and consultancy regarding labour law
  • Litigation and consultancy regarding labour law
  • Litigation and consultancy regarding labour law
Liability Law
  • Evaluating your rights in the event of accident or damage
Contract law
  • For instance purchase, work and services, agency, loan or lease agreements
  • International agreements
Insolvency and bankruptcy law
  • Restructuring
  • Consultancy regarding execution proceedings or bankruptcies
Labour law
Criminal Law
  • Criminal complaints and denunciations
  • Criminal defense
Traffic Law
  • Fines, withdrawal of your driver's licence, damages and liability
Construction and planning Law
  • Checking of the legal conformity of a construction project, representation in legal proceedings
Social Security Law
  • Examinations of authorities' decisions regarding invalidity pension rights and representation in proceedings
Notarial services
  • Elaboration of notarial deeds
  • Litiges en matière de droit du travail et conseils
  • Litiges en matière de droit du travail et conseils
  • Litiges en matière de droit du travail et conseils
  • Litiges en matière de droit du travail et conseils
  • Litiges en matière de droit du travail et conseils
Contract law
  • Sales contracts, general contractor agreements, work and services contracts, agency contracts, lease contracts, etc.
  • International contracts
Labour law
  • Hiring and dismissal of personnel
  • Employee participation program
  • Restructuring and mass redundancy
Corporate merger, acquisition and succession
  • Sales of businesses or parts of businesses
  • Modifications of legal structure and transformation
  • Merger, splitting and transfer of assets
  • Business succession
Legal proceedings and bankruptcies
  • Restructurings
  • Consultancy on legal proceedings or bankruptcies
Setting up a business
  • Company founding
  • Company taxation
  • International relations and business siting
Corporate governance
  • Consultancy on corporate governance
  • Code of conduct, internal rules and regulations
  • Shareholder agreements
Competition and cartels
  • Consultancy on competition law, prevention of illegal agreements and abuses of dominant positions
Board of directors mandates
  • ipsum
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  • Financial services and products
    • Licensing of banks, securities dealers, collective investment, schemes, asset managers, distributors and representatives or any other entity requiring an authorization
    • Advice to asset managers (private and institutional clients)
    • Draft or review of internal policies or agreements
    • Registration of Swiss or foreign collective investment schemes
    • Advice on financial services and products
    • Preparation of regulatory audits
    • Advice on «Qualified Intermediary» regime
    • International administrative assistance
    Capital markets
    • Advice on listing and delisting of securities on the SIX Swiss Exchange, including structured products or ETFs
    • Advice on capital increase (ordinary, authorized or contingent capital)
    • Advice on reporting obligations to SIX Swiss Exchange and ad hoc publicity
    • Disclosure of shareholdings
    • ipsum

    A wide network of relationships also enables Frôté & Partner SA to broaden its service offering, especially in the areas of administrative services, financial and tax expertise in collaboration with F&P Services SA and Schoeb Frôté SA, both members of F&P Group.


    There are no job vacancies at this stage.



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